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    Reporting participants
    Million people represented
    (That's one-seventh of the global urban population!)
  • 566
    Community commitments
    Government commitments
    Of community commitments
    more ambitious than the Kyoto
    Protocol targets
  • 770
    Government and Community GHG Inventories
    Gigatons of reported CO2e per year
    Percentage of reported emissions emitted by cities with a population of 0.5-5 million inhabitants
  • 3431
    Mitigation Actions
    Adaptation Actions
    Actions financed by local budgets

The carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) is the leading global reporting platform of local climate action. It enables cities and Local Governments to demonstrate their power and potential to reduce climate risks and move towards global low-emissions and climate resilient development through the reporting of energy and climate commitments, greenhouse gas emissions as well as mitigation and adaptation actions.

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Reporting Cities and Supported Initiatives

Annual progression





17. April 2014

Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program achieves 22% reduction after 3rd year

A flash report published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced that the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program has achieved a 22% reduction in emissions after the 3rd year of the program compared to base-year emissions. The...[more]

02. April 2014

Sneak preview on analyzed adaptation actions

At least $ 156 million is missing to finance 50 adaptation actions identified as priorities by local and sub-national governments. These actions range from comprehensive climate adaptation plans to awareness raising campaigns and...[more]

02. April 2014

cCCR platform selected for the Durban Adaptation Charter

March 2014 has seen many new partnerships established. A highlight among these is the agreement between the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbonn) and the Secretariat of the Durban Adaptation Charter (DAC)...[more]



Earth Hour Capital Awards

27 March 2014, Vancouver, Canada. Explore our pick of 33 of the most sustainable cities from 14 participating countries. Then vote for your favorite, share what you love about it and submit ideas for making it even better. The...[more]

Webinar: Lowering Cities’ GHG Emissions: examining the role of market-based options

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 8:30 am - 10:00 am U.S. EST[more]

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